Welcome to Lunico!

It’s an RPG about having fun and being friendly!

Have you ever wondered why do you have to kill that adorable bat on your way to save the princess? Maybe you don’t want to leave a pile of dead bodies at the end? Now you can solve conflicts in a political correct friendly and funny way!

The game is in early prototyping phase. Fortunately, the development is open, which means there are only a healthy amount of mystical fog left around the source code and the developer. The bigger part of the typical development secrets are public, so you can be part of the process in various ways:

  • play the prototype!
  • cheer loudly in your room! the dev can feel it even from 40 075,02 km!
  • send feedback from the prototype!
  • browse all the feedback tickets on this site!
  • make bets about the result: will the dev finish the game? will be a spider in the game?
  • read the development logs and follow the slow-but-sure mental breakdown of the dev!
  • check out the trello page for what’s coming in the next build!

Follow the development and have fun!