reducing scope

Sometimes it’s worth the time to not work on your project! I’m not kidding, it’s true. How can be a totally unproductive week help the development? I think when you stop working your beloved hobby project, you’re pushed away from it in your mental space. This so called mental space is helpful, because your mental eye can only see clearly from a distance.

Recently I was traveling for a week and could not actually work on purae. This helped me to realize I’ve made a mistake again, and the scope of my first public build inflated (again). Therefore I’m reducing it!

The new scope is:

  • couple rooms made with one, freely available tileset
  • 2-3 types of monsters
  • couple items (usable, consumable and passive items)
  • couple NPC-s
  • 1-2 puzzles
  • target fun-time: 5-20 minutes

The goal of this build is to establish the core gameplay loop and examine if it’s working.